Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to accept your transfers from other FFL’s or businesses. Please notify us of the expected transfer. We MUST have this information. A tracking number is an excellent piece of information. The shipper will need a copy of our FFL to successfully complete the transfer. We are not responsible for any damages prior to the delivery of your purchase.
Now that you have found a gun online that you want to buy and need it shipped to an FFL Dealer, we will be happy to receive the firearm and complete the Form 4473 Background Check. We will gladly document your transaction, and perform the FBI NICS background check for you.


The supplying FFL Dealer will need to verify our FFL.
Please have the firearm (‘s) sent from an FFL Dealer. We do NOT accept transfers mailed directly from individuals. Items sent from individuals will be REFUSED.
No Exceptions
FFL Transfers by Appointment Only.  When we receive the firearm, we will contact you to schedule an appointment for you to come, complete the Form 4473, and pick up your firearm.  We respect that you are excited to receive your new firearm and thus we strive to process your transfer the same day it is received
If you do not pick up your firearm within 14 days of receipt, a $2/day storage fee will be due in addition to the normal transfer fee.  Items not picked up within 6 months of receipt will be deemed as abandoned.
If a NICS Background Check is denied, YOU are still responsible for the stated transfer fee and any applicable shipping costs associated with returning the item to the shipping FFL.  Returns to the Shipping FFL will be delayed until stated costs are paid.  Delays in resolving this beyond 7 days will be assessed a $2/day storage fee.
If you have any questions about the transfer process, need directions, or are looking for an item, please click contact us before beginning the process. 

Special orders are accepted with full payment requested before the item is ordered.