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Welcome to EJT Solutions. Our company was born in 2017. We strive to provide our clients with everything from quick and secure firearms transfers to special orders of the firearm of their dreams.

Why Us?

Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols and More!

Our goal is to provide the finest quality, at the best price while giving you the service that you expect.

We want to offer the best variety of product to our clients. EJT Solutions will offer the finest shotguns, rifles and pistols at competitive prices.

We believe that EJT Solutions can provide you these products while keeping overhead low which will allow us to pass on the savings to our customers. We don’t believe in huge markups.  A business must make a profit to stay in business but we believe it can be done by selling more items at smaller margins. A repeat customer is what keeps the doors open to small businesses in America.

Some of Our Valued Sources of Firearms, Parts and Accessories

Aero Precision

Top tier AR parts and accessories.


New Frontier Armory

Innovative AR parts and accessories.

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